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Home Design: Bedroom Ideas for Teenage Boys

Teenage boys are hard to please. Teenage boys are constantly changing and adapting their tastes, so it can be difficult to get them on the same page with their parents or significant others. It's a good idea to discuss with your son what changes he would like to see in his bedroom, then work together to make those changes happen.

One of the most important things you can do is create a space that will inspire him to want to stay in bed all day. Find some cool lighting options, add some color and style, and give him a comfortable mattress. This article will also teach you how to decorate your teenager's room without being too overbearing. With these simple tips, you'll be able to help your teen become happy and fulfilled in his bedroom again!

Bedroom Tips for Teenage Boys

A bedroom is where teenagers often spend their free time, where they're able to unwind and relax after a long day, or where they can connect with friends.

Boys typically have more trouble getting their bedrooms ready for the new school year than girls do. It's important that you work together with your son to develop a plan for his bedroom so he gets excited about spending time there again! Here are some things that might help you get started:

-Invest in some cool lighting options

-Keep colors neutral but bright

-Add some color and style

-Give him a comfy mattress

Lighting Ideas

To make your teenager's bedroom feel inviting, it's important to use lighting in the room. You can do this by changing the amount of light coming into the room, adding natural light, or using decorative lighting.

Changing the amount of light coming in is a great way to create a more comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. If you want to create a more intimate environment, try keeping only one kind of light on that has warm tones like amber, orange, or gold. If you want to create an uplifting feeling, try switching back and forth between warm and cool colors like red and blue.

Teen boys typically enjoy dark and moody lighting, so consider adding some cool lighting options to his bedroom. Try some cool lamps or candles that will give him the perfect atmosphere for reading at bedtime!

The idea is that you want to keep your teenage son happy and satisfied with his space!


The first step in decorating your teen's room is to think about what you want your son's space to look like. This can be done before or after you've had a meeting with him, but it's important that both you and your son have the same vision in mind. Next, go through his clothes and pick out some colors he likes. If he's not into pinks or lavenders, try blues or greens for a more masculine look. Then, get a few pieces of furniture that match these colors in order to create an intentional look for the bedroom.

Furniture for Your Teenage Boy's Bedroom

There are a few pieces of furniture that you should consider when decorating your teenage boy's bedroom. A bed is the most important piece of furniture in any bedroom and will make up most of the room's design. A mattress and box spring can be purchased at an affordable price, which will keep your teen happy.

A dresser is a good option to include in a teenage boy's bedroom because your son will want something to put his clothes in, but also because it will give him storage space for other things like electronics or sports equipment.

A desk is also a good option to include in your teen's bedroom. You may not need this for work purposes if you don't have a teenager who wants to use it for schoolwork, but it can help him organize his life and stay organized, too!

Electronics and sport equipment

Teenage boys often like to work on their electronics and sports equipment in the bedroom. There are a few ways you can plan to get the most out of the available space.

- Use a bedside table to store items.

- Place electronics on his nightstand and keep them out of sight.

- Leave a space in the room for exercising or working out.

- Keep the room tidy, but make sure that he has enough space for his projects!


These are the basic points to consider, but don't forget all boys are different, always prioritize their needs before your own.

Lighting: The most important element in any bedroom is the lighting. You want to make sure that the lighting is not too harsh and that it provides a cozy, inviting feel.

Colors: Colors matter and they should not be over-emphasized. A teenage boy wants to sleep in a room that has just enough color without being too colorful.

Furniture: You want to buy some furniture that will last. Your teenage son will be using the furniture for many years and so the better quality furniture you buy, the more it will last.

Electronics and sport equipment: This is where you need to be careful. There are some pieces of equipment that are not only expensive but also addictive. For example, a teenage boy might enjoy playing Counter Strike or Madden NFL on his computer. Whatever you decide to purchase, make sure it is something he will be able to use and enjoy for years to come.