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How to Design Your Bedroom to Like a Palace

Designing your bedroom is as important as designing anything else in the home. It's where you sleep, so it needs to feel comfortable, safe, and inviting. Designing your bedroom is also an opportunity to showcase what's unique about your personality. Here are some tips to help you design your bedroom like a palace.

Designing Your Bedroom Like a Palace: The Power of Color

Color has become synonymous with moods and atmospheres. For example, calming blue tones can encourage restful sleep while vibrant red tones can energize the mind and body.

The color palette of your room is a reflection of how you want to surround yourself with peace and tranquility or vibrant energy. Take the time to consider which colors will best fit the space both aesthetically and functionally for this master piece of your home that you call "the royal retreat."

Choose a dominant color that will carry throughout the room

This might be an earthy tone like green or brown that captures nature.

Tips for designing your bedroom like a palace

Designing your bedroom like a palace doesn't have to be complicated. Here are some tips and tricks for you to use in your own design process.

  • Start with the basics

Keep the room's function in mind when designing. The size of the room, what furniture will fit into it, and whether or not you'll be sleeping in the room will all play a role in your design decision-making process.

  • Get comfortable

Designing bedrooms is an opportunity to create a space that feels like home, so take this time to get creative with your bedding and bedding sheets. Add decorative pillows and blankets that feel cozy. You can also give yourself a luxurious scalp massage with scented oils or candles before going to sleep at night.

  • Be mindful of natural light

When you're designing your bedroom, it's important to consider how much natural light there will be in the space when you wake up in the morning or how much artificial lighting there will be if you need to work outside of it. When designing for optimal lighting, think about where windows are located on different levels of the room and where natural light will be strongest during different times of day. For example, if you want plenty of natural light during early morning hours but plan on working in front of your window later on, make sure your desk is near a window while still having plenty of daylight as it gets late in the day.

Choose a dominant color that will carry throughout the room

Incorporate a color that will anchor the room’s design.

You can use this color to draw attention to certain features of the room like patterned wallpaper in order to accentuate certain elements.

Using different colors for different parts of the room is a simple way to give your bedroom a unique aesthetic.

Choosing one dominant color that carries throughout the bedroom will also keep your living space from feeling too chaotic and overstimulating.

Painting the walls with a dominant color

The walls of your bedroom are one of the most important parts of decorating because they're the first thing guests see when they enter. Just like you want to present yourself in a way that is inviting, you want your room to be welcoming and inviting too. So, consider painting the walls with a dominant color that will carry throughout the room for a more cohesive aesthetic.

Here are some colors that can be great for a royal retreat:

- Blue (A calming color)

- Purple (Warmth and richness)

- Red (Energy and passion)

- Brown (Stability and grounding)

- Green (Nature with balance)

- Black (Elegance and sophistication)

Create a mood with a wall mural or wallpaper

One way to create a mood is by designing your bedroom with a wall mural or wallpaper.

This can be an opportunity for you to showcase some of your favorite artwork and make it the focal point of the room. You might want to use this as a canvas for your own creativity by having your friends or family members act out scenes from your favorite novels and movies that speak to you. This could also be a commemoration of something important in your life like graduating, getting engaged, or having a baby.

Other Things to Make a Bedroom Feel Royal

The right lighting can make a bedroom feel like a gorgeous sanctuary. This might involve placing lamps or candles around the room that are filled with light.

Designing your bedroom is also an opportunity to showcase what's unique about your personality. Consider featuring pictures of family members, friends, or people who inspire you in the room. Or create a special space for your favorite hobby or interest, such as books on gardening or surfboards hanging from the ceiling.


Make your bedroom a palace this season with these tips!

If you're in need of some inspiration, check out galleries on the internet for more ideas on how to make your bedroom into a royal retreat.

Even if you don't have a fancy budget, it's possible to create a royal retreat with a few great finds and some DIY projects.