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As an interior designer, my objective is to help you create a tailored a space that is a true reflection of your individual tastes and style.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  – a space you feel equally connected to in quieter moments or when opening it to your friends and family.

I have outlined options below that will help us together to achieve this, depending on how much assistance and guidance you feel you need to create the right environment for you.

Airbnb Design 

escape to extravagance


Airbnb clients demand a special experience, whether it be a unique holiday experience, family escape or a functional work space.

Interior design and decor is fundamental to getting the right target guest, maximising occupancy and returns.  Sometimes a bolder approach to the interior is an effective way to stand out from the crowd and target your ideal guest and it is critical to ensure the descriptions and photos match and promote the quality of the interior.  Take advantage of the experience I have garnered designing beautiful Airbnbs that generate returns well above average and consistent five star reviews.  Ask me for specific examples!


It all starts with a conversation - a conceptual design meeting - where we together understand your design objectives.  From there we tailor a design approach to suit your needs and budget. I am an experienced online interior designer.  Specific services include:

Conceptual design - Finding the right theme and big picture concepts to define and shape your project. 

Bathroom and kitchen design - careful emphasis on bathroom and kitchen colours and fittings.

Colour consultation - a dedicated online tour to look at colour combinations to suit your house.


3D rendered e-design - a 3D render of our proposed design to help you visualise the end result

Layout planning - Analysing house interior and design and furniture to use the most of your space.

Virtual consultation and planning - An online tour, side by side with you, to share colour and design suggestions.

Amenity Design - choosing the appropriate amenities for your home, office or Airbnb. 

Decor styling - given the house colours and design, I can help you find the right furniture and amenities.