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Unique Bedroom Designs for Kids: What Makes Them Special?

All kids love to dream about their personal space. Whether it be a bedroom, playroom or backyard, it’s important for them to feel comfortable and safe in the space they call theirs. The bedroom is a special place that most children cherish. When designing a bedroom, you want to make sure your kids will always feel at home and safe in the room. One way to accomplish this is by creating unique design features that are specific to your child’s personality. Here are some design features that will help make your child’s bedroom their own!

Design Features for Kids

A lot of kids are very creative and love to draw. This is a great way to incorporate art into their bedroom design. You can also make your child’s bed the focal point of their room by creating a mural on one of the walls. A kids’ furniture store like ChicaKnoll offers a variety of toddler-sized beds with fun designs that will keep your kid entertained for hours!

Another way you can personalize your kid’s bedroom is by designing a theme around them. For example, if they love to play sports or have an animal they treasure, you could create a mural or wall design based on their favorite animal or sport. In addition, you can include photo frames that tell stories about your child that they can look at every day in their room. It will make for some interesting conversations with them as well!

It’s important to be creative when decorating kids’ bedrooms. One way to do this is by including decorations that match their favorite color palette or styles from popular movies and cartoons. And don’t forget the little things that let kids know it's all about them! Specialty pillows and blankets are always appreciated by any child who loves to feel comfortable in their room!

Spend time with your children during the process of designing their bedroom so you get what they want out of it. Your children are more likely to use the space creatively if you give them input throughout the process and put some thought into

Create a Safe Space for Your Child

The most important thing you can do when designing your child’s bedroom is ensuring that it is a safe space. This includes using safety features like window guards, closets with a hinged door and door knobs that are covered or padded, locks on dressers and chests of drawers, and sliding banisters on staircases. You want to make sure the room has no opportunities for injury by ensuring the room is free of hazards such as sharp corners, high places, and places where objects could be hidden.

Designing Your Unique Kids Bedroom

-Create a custom-made rug or mural-

This is a great way to give your child their own space. It will allow your child to have their own personal touch on the room and make it feel like they’ve created it themselves. If you are looking for an idea, check out these unique kids bedroom designs from around the world!

-Display your child's favorite toys-

It’s important for kids to feel comfortable in their bedroom. That’s why displaying their favorite toys at eye level can help them feel safe and secure in their space. Just make sure to arrange them tastefully without cluttering up the room too much!

-Write a message of encouragement on a mirror-

Many kids love looking into mirrors and seeing themselves reflected back. But if the only place you can find a mirror is in your child’s bedroom, then consider writing them a note of encouragement or wisdom that they can read before heading off to sleep every night. This will not only give them some ideas before bedtime, but also remind them that you care about them every single day!

What Furniture is Cool?

One way to make your child’s bedroom special is by furnishing it with cool furniture. The key here is to make sure you pick the right furniture that will match your child’s personality. What might be considered cool for one person, may not necessarily be cool for another. Consider what they like and don’t like, and find furniture that suits them.

The other thing you might want to consider when furnishing a child’s room is colors. If you have a little girl, she will probably love pink. If you have a boy, he might enjoy red or black colors in his room. Keep in mind how colors can impact their mood. Paint the walls a calming color like blue or green so that they are more relaxed and feel at home when staying in the room!


It's time to get creative and design the perfect bedroom for your child. By learning about the different design features for kids, you will be able to create a space that is both functional and beautiful. Always keep in mind, safety is a major concern when designing a bedroom for kids, so be sure to create a space that is both child and parent-friendly.