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A Guide to Your Teen Room Design: From Moodboard To Wallpaper

If you are a parent, you might be wondering what the best way to decorate a teen’s room is. You could either go for a traditional or contemporary look. Or you could try something new and original. What will your teen like? The truth is that it depends on the individual. Some teens might prefer strong colors, while others might be drawn to more muted tones and patterns.

This guide will give you everything you need to know about choosing the right moodboard, designing the room layout, picking a color scheme and finding stunning wallpapers to make your teen’s room look great!

Develop a layout plan for your teen's room

The first step in designing a teen’s room is determining how you want the room to look. You could choose to go with a traditional style, which includes having a single focal point like a fireplace or painting. Or, you could choose to be more modern and incorporate abstract shapes and patterns. Either way, determine what types of furniture you will need for your design.

Once you have this detailed plan, then you can start creating a moodboard for your teen’s room. A moodboard is a collage of images that represent a particular theme or vibe. It can either be done via your phone or computer. The moodboard represents one visual idea of what the room would look like if it were finished and ready to decorate. This helps give an idea of the colors and patterns that would work well together in the space.

Define your teen’s personality

When choosing a moodboard, it’s important to take into account the personality of your teen. There are two different types of teens with two different personalities: introverted and extroverted.

If your teen is introverted, they might like a subtle, soothing color scheme. They might also enjoy patterns and textures in the room. If your teen is extroverted, they might prefer bright colors and an open layout that includes plenty of space between furniture pieces.

Find inspiration for moodboard

To find inspiration for a moodboard. You can use as many or as few different images to create your moodboard. The idea is that these images will help you brainstorm ideas for your design and make it easier for you to visualize what it would look like. If you are feeling creative, there are tons of fun ways to create a moodboard! Here are a few:

- Take pictures of objects in your house and put them in an album

- Use magazines, books or art journals to accumulate images

- Look at other people’s rooms

- Search online for decorating inspiration

Develop your own personal style

When you’re decorating your teen’s room, it is vital to keep in mind that you are designing for your teen. Decorate their room with things that reflect your personal style and make them feel at home. You might have a particular color scheme or preference when it comes to bedding or artwork, so be sure to use those as an inspiration.

This will help develop your teen’s individual style, which is important because they will most likely take over the decoration of the room as they get older.

Pick the right color scheme

The first step in decorating a teen’s room is choosing the right color scheme. When it comes to colors, teens may either lean towards black and white or color schemes that are more bold or muted.

This is where moodboards come in handy! You can create a moodboard with different colors and patterns to help you choose the right colors for your teen’s room.

If you're struggling to decide on a color scheme, try using a color wheel either from your local paints store or online.

The layout should be fun and engaging for your teen, so think about adding interactive elements such as toys, art supplies, games and other items that will keep them interested!

Now that you have picked out the right colors and layout, it's time to choose wallpapers! Wallpapers make rooms feel more lively and they add personality to the space. Plus they're an easy way to change the look of the space without having to redecorate!

Some ideas of what type of wallpapers might work well in a teenage room include abstract paintings, nature scenes, pop art prints, modern graffiti or vintage posters. Remember though: don't pick anything too adult looking as this might not be appropriate for your teen's space.

Once you have found the perfect wallpaper, it will be easier to decide on other aspects of the room such as wall color, paint color and furniture.


Whatever you decide to finally put into action, keep in mind your wants, but more importantly your teen's needs. Its very important to collaborate and make your teen feel comfortable and safe.