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Create a Teen Room Design That's For You

When choosing a room for your teen, you want to be sure that the design is going to appeal to them. As teens are constantly changing, you need to make sure that their space reflects who they are now and what they like. Here are some things to consider when designing teen rooms.

First, decide on the personality of your teen's room. Are they more laid-back? Are they energetic and athletic?

Next, think about the color scheme of their room. Keep in mind what colors they have worn or liked in the past and what vibes they would like it to give off.

Finally, decide on the furniture for their room. You'll want something that will provide a comfortable living environment while still allowing them ample space to move around.

With these ideas in mind, here are some cool ways you can make your room as unique as your teen!

Create a room that reflects your teen's personality

You want your teenager's room to reflect who they are. It's important that the design of their room reflects their personality and what they would like as a living space.

For example, if your daughter has always loved blue, make sure you have a lot of blue hues in the room! If she loves hanging out in the backyard, consider adding some outdoor elements like plants or furniture.

In addition to reflecting teen personality, it's important to also consider their needs. You want to make sure that whatever design you choose for your teenager has enough storage space for them and will work with their lifestyle.

Depending on where your teen is going to be spending their time, you'll need storage space for books or video games. If they're going to be using their room as a workspace, you'll need an area where they can plug in and get some work done.

Finally, think about what kind of entertainment they'll have in their room. Will they be watching movies? Will they be playing music? Will they be listening to podcasts? This is something that you should consider if you want an enjoyable environment for your teen!

Choose colors for your teen's room

What colors do your teen like? You might be surprised to find out what colors your teen enjoys! If you're not sure, ask them. Or use a color wheel to help you decide on the best colors for their room.

Another option is to create a color wheel with your teen. Have them choose three colors that they would like the room to be and then place them in the middle of a wheel. This will help you determine which colors work well together and which don't.

The last option is based on associations with particular colors.

Green can symbolize money, success, and growth while orange can represent cheerfulness, happiness, and celebrations.

Red can represent passion, love, and aggression while blue can symbolize calmness, peace, and tranquility.

Yellow can represent warmth and growth while purple can stand for luxury or royalty.

Pick the furniture that will give your teen the space they need to move around and be comfortable

When decorating a teen's room, you want to pick furniture that will provide ample space for their legs and bodies. This will make it easy for them to move around and be comfortable while also making the room look aesthetically appealing.

A few ideas are a couch with a chaise lounge or an ottoman in the corner of the room. You can also try placing a sectional sofa in one corner of the room and an armchair in another corner even though they may not both be used at once. This way, your teen can decide what they like best!

These spaces offer all-around comfort while still providing enough room for your teen to do so much in their space.

Finalize your design.

One thing you don't want to skimp on when designing your teen's room is the decor. If you're going for a laid-back design, you could paint the walls in muted tones and make them white with a checkered pattern or blue with a starburst pattern. For an energetic design, you could paint the walls in bold colors like yellow and red.

For furniture, think about what your teen enjoys doing most. If they enjoy lifting weights, find a piece of furniture that allows them to work out without having to leave their room. This can be as simple as finding an armoire that has storage space for their workout gear and equipment.

For girls, they will likely want to make use of vanity desk with a mirror, they might prefer a free standing or wall hung full length mirror.


A teen room is a reflection of their personality and the designs they want. To help you create the best teen room design, we've broken down all the steps to creating your own: what colors to use, furniture that will be most suitable, and how to prep your design.

When you're done, you'll have a room that reflects your teen's personality and one that is uniquely yours.