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The Best Home Office Design Ideas To Make Your Office The Cozy Place You Want to Come Back To

While you may spend most of your time working from home, it doesn't always have to be a space that's hard on the eyes and difficult to enjoy. There are plenty of ways to make your office more appealing and comfortable. Here I'll be sharing with you some ideas on how you can decorate your home office so that it's cozy and welcoming when you're back from work. But before we start, let's review the basics.

What are the most important features for an ideal home office?

- This question is subjective so I won't try to answer it for you but here are some features that would probably make up a lot of people's ideal home office:

- A desk that has enough room for a computer, keyboard, mouse, and other gear

- Workplace essentials like a lamp, phone charger, and storage solutions

- A printer.

A Desk That Has Enough Room For Your Gear

As I mentioned before, the most important feature for an ideal home office is a desk with enough room for your computer, keyboard, mouse, and other gear. If you work from home on a laptop or tablet, you'll want to make sure that this desk has plenty of room for all of your accessories. A lot of desks have been designed with built-in storage space so you can store tons of cables and other items in there as well.

Workplace Essentials

- A lamp

- A computer

- A garbage bin

- A phone charger

- Storage solutions like a desk organizer and shelves

- A printer.

The Power of a Good Lamp

A lamp can be a great way to create a sense of personality and make your home office feel cozy and inviting.

- Lamps are a great way to add light without being intrusive

- A lot of people like the idea of having a cozy, warm atmosphere in their office so lamps can help you achieve that goal

- Many lamps provide various features like adjustable brightness, timers, and color options

- It's important to keep in mind what kind of lighting you want for your home office. For example, if you want something more moody and romantic, then maybe you need a dimmer switch and candle rather than an overhead light. Or if you're looking for more of a clean look with minimal lighting, then an overhead light might work better for you.

- You should also consider where the lamp is going to go in terms of whether it will be near the desk or somewhere else. If it's on top of the desk then it needs to be able to accommodate cords coming out from underneath the desk (if there's not enough space). If it's going closer to the door or window then make sure that there's enough space in front of the light source so that it doesn't cast shadows on your work area.

Phone Charger

Phone chargers are an important part of any office. If your home office is in a room that has windows, you'll need a phone charger nearby to keep your phone's battery charged. Plus, it can be super helpful when you're trying to make calls or send text messages while on the go.

A phone charger is a practical tool in your home office. Keep your phone charged by plugging it into a USB port on your computer or printer. If you want to make sure your device doesn't get too hot, place it on top of a coaster or use an old pillow case as a makeshift cover for the device.

Storage Solutions

One of the most important things when it comes to a home office is storage. Whether it be for business or personal items, you want to make sure that your room has enough storage space. One of the best and most creative ways to do this is by DIYing a wooden mobile shelving unit. It's easy to install and customize so you can add shelves as needed. Plus, using wood in your home office will keep your area looking more professional. Another way you can solve the storage problem is by investing in some stacking bookshelves.

Bookshelves are great for storing stacks of books, binders, and other supplies that would otherwise be difficult to store in an open space.

A Printer

- The printer you choose should be compatible with the devices that you typically use. For instance, if your phone uses 3.5mm audio jack, a Bluetooth printer won't work for you.

- A wireless printer is perfect for a home office because it eliminates the need for wires to connect your computer to the printer

- A laser printer is ideal because they are often more expensive than inkjet printers but they print faster and better quality

- Consider what type of paper you will need before purchasing a new printer. If you have a lot of photos or large documents that need printing, an inkjet would be your best bet since they can handle more weight.


There are many ways to make your home office chic and functional. Whether you're using your home office as a place to work or just a place to escape to, these home office design ideas will help you create the perfect refuge at the end of the day.

The best part about working from home is that you can design your own office to be exactly what you need it to be. It's time to get started on your own home office design.